The Museum Faltaits is a folklore museum in Brook’s Square in the Town of Skyros. It’ a Museum of Folk Art, housed in the old family mansion Faltaits and founded in 1964.

Above Skyros town, right at the top of the mountain is the monastery of St. George, patron saint of the island. Build in 960, it is being renovated but still closed to visitors because of damages from an earthquake. The monastery church is decorated with pictures, paintings and rare wooden sculptures.

The archaeological museum exposes items found on the island dating from the early Greek period, 2.800-1900 BC to Roman times.

The museum houses the following collections:

  • Pottery of the Early Helladic period
  • Pottery of the Mycenaean period
  • Geometric Pottery
  • Findings of early and geometric period
  • Roman Ruins and archaic
  • Vases and other objects from the classical and Roman period

The bay of Tris Moukesl is a natural harbor, whose entries are protected from the islands of Platia and Sarakiniko. Therein lies the tomb of the romantic poet Rupert Brooke.

Over the last 20 years, the Greek Archaeological Department conducts excavations in Palamari where there have been findings from the Bronze Age. A museum next to the ancient settlement exposes the discovered items. Palamari is located on the coast near the airport on the edge of the settlement Trachi.

In Skyros lives a wild horse breed of small body. It is rare and does not exist in any other part of the world. This makes it valuable species and is of great scientific interest.

The castle of the island with its ancient walls, towers and the Byzantine church of St. Athanasius at the entrance is a major attraction that you should visit.